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Awakening Your Inner Light

The Awakening Your Inner Light package is a 6 month transformation for you to walk out of the darkness of your story (loneliness, overwhelm, fears, or trauma), connect to your divinity and learn skills to enable you to create and re-write a new story of a life that lights you up!


This includes three, 1-hour coaching sessions a month where we’ll work together to cover some of the following:

Acceptance     Current State and the Life Balance Wheel; Everything is Energy and Vibration; Goal Setting 


Emotional Empowerment     Emotion Wheel; Barriers to Moving Forward; Addressing Fears and Repetitive Behaviors

Access Inner Knowing     Raising Vibrations; Higher Self and Connection to Source; Intuition Development 


Reclaiming Power     Self-Esteem; Personal Growth; Finding Fun and Enjoyment

Embracing Empowerment      Health and Vitality; Vision Board and Gifts You Bring to the World; Reflections and Moving Forward               



Bonus  You will also receive 8 subliminal mp3’s to re-wire your brain so you naturally attract what you want. You will also receive email support from me in between sessions (mutually agreed on times). 


The Awakening Your Inner Light package is right for people who are truly motivated to reclaim their inner STRENGTH and POWER to heal themselves and their lives!

Package $2700.00                   or 6 payments of $450.00 

          If paid in full up front, you will receive a 10% discount.

10% of all proceeds are contributed to charity.



Please contact me for a FREE Breakthru Consult and the Life Balance Wheel Exercise to get you started!

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