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Inspiration Package

The Inspiration Package is a 2-month commitment that will help you to better manage your emotions and includes:


Three, 1-hour coaching sessions a month where we’ll work together to cover the following:


Emotional Empowerment    Emotion Wheel; Barriers to Moving Forward; Addressing Fears and Repetitive Behaviors


Bonus    You will also receive 4  subliminal tapes of your choice to re-wire your brain so you naturally attract what you want. You will also receive email support from me in between sessions (mutually agreed on).

Inspiration Package  is a shorter commitment, allowing you to focus on learning to manage your emotions.

Package $900.00     or 2 payments of $450.00. 


If paid in full up front, you will receive a 10% discount.

10% of all proceeds are contributed to charity.

Please contact me for a FREE Breakthru Consult and the Life Balance Wheel Exercise to get you started!

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